Sponsors Needed!

Our monthly child/teen sponsorships helps provide hope, schooling, tutoring, food and community outreach for at risk youth in Haiti and Honduras. Right now, we are looking for sponsors for 20 children/teens in Gran Savan, a community where we regularly work.

Help teens in Fredericton, NB

In our city we have a number of teens that we invest in! We believe in having a group of people who are committed to spend time doing life with them. It might be attending a sporting event, including them in a family environment or simply listening.

Global Impact Trips

A big part of what we do is organize and execute Global Impact Trips. Financial contributions are so important, but money cannot fix all the problems facing the teens we help. Often times, it’s the relationships you build with them that can change everything for them.


Fulfilling the legacy of a true servant On April 1/2017 my precious mother, Joyce Wood, took her last breath on earth. She was a true servant of God , a woman filled with deep compassion for others. She loved providing meals for others and often had people in her home to feed and encourage. As…