Sponsors Needed!

To the World you may be one person; but to one person, you may be the World.

Our monthly child/teen sponsorships provide hope, schooling, tutoring, food and community outreach  for at risk youth in Haiti and Honduras. Right now, we require sponsors for  children/teens in Gran Savan Haiti and Tegucigalpa, Honduras, communities where we work daily.

Monthly sponsorships are $39 CDN. If you would like to become a child sponsor, please contact us to make sponsorship arrangements. Since we  are well established in this community, visitation is possible.


Contact us to become a sponsor today!

“Sponsorship is giving  a child a chance, increasing their success in life. Taking so little of your resources and investing it in someone’s life. You can be the light I’m someone’s life by helping them achieve their goals and  letting them know they have a purpose. Sponsorship plants seeds throughout the world, creating a ripple effect. These children will go on to change the world and you have a chance to be a part of that.” FB

“It is such a personal experience. We get updates frequently and have the ability to contact the staff who work directly with our sponsored child. Sponsoring a child was important to us because we have been so blessed and have all that we need and wanted to share with a child in need. As we all know, we cannot help all the children, but if we can improve the life of one child, educated them, feed them and teach them the love of God there is a greater chance to empower a generation to make changes in their own situation and help each other to build sustainable futures.” SP