To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.

Boaz is a registered Canadian non profit serving teens locally, nationally & globally.

Every teen has a dream to be someone special, we invest in those dreams.

Boaz leaders have been been doing missions internationally for over 20 years.

Partnerships in Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic and other nations allow us to serve directly with these teens. Boaz sends teams of volunteers to these countries  regularly to serve and impact.

Human trafficking is a real threat. We serve with others who help identify vulnerable teens and children, together we help in areas of food, education and providing  safe places to live.

Join Boaz Global and you can be involved in an organization that literally saves lives.

Locally, we actively empower our youth for the future. The circumstances are different, but the mission is the same. Some teens need an extra hand in their lives allowing them to see their potential and believe it is possible to walk out their dreams. The demand locally is huge and we need more volunteers.